bridal suite update!

For about 10 years my hubby and I have talked about enclosing the loft of the barn.

Its original use was a kids playroom. Our thought process was if we built a space for the kids to play and hang out they would stay here and not get in to any trouble. So it worked. Our barn became the hangout place for all the kids. Not sure they didn’t get into any trouble over there, there were many parties here! But at least they weren’t out driving around!

Many a sleep over happened in the barn. The only problem was it would get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

It became a place for the brides to get ready in before their big day. But it could be very hot up there!

So we finally are enclosing it and creating the space we have wanted for 10 years!

There will be a bridal area, an area for vendors to chill. A lounge area. And yes a few pieces of gym equipment in the corner so Phil and I can maybe get back into shape! (they are also too big for us to get down out of the loft without help!)

So with a little help from Andy our barn builder, we built a wall. We added some wonderful vintage school doors that I bought many years ago at a barn sale, to open up to the barn below ( great for photo ops or bouquet throwing) I painted the old ping pong/pool table (sorry kids!) and I found the most amazing chairs that I had originally seen in Paris at the Maison et Objet show a few years ago. They are Baci milano acrylic chairs.

More updates to come as the loft transforms!

linda shandle